Our Story

The Gold Coast Cheese Company has had many incarnations over the years. Like many of us we sometimes took the road less travelled, sometimes the high road and at times the wrong road but in the end we got there.

And what a place to arrive! Mountains of rainforest and Australian bushland tumble down towards an impossibly blue Pacific, creating an environment where friends and family enjoy the very best this country has to offer. Every view is a postcard – there is no better place in the world to call home!

Gold Coast Cheese Co Milk

Our Milk

The Scenic Rim and its rich fertile soils were created by ancient volcanic activity aeons ago and this is where the Teese family have been dairying for five generations. Two times great grandfather Teese purchased a parcel of light scrub country in 1908. This land was highly sought after because its 32” (800mm) rainfall was perfect for growing kikuyu pastures on which dairy cattle thrive.