Our Milk

Nimbin Dairy Farm


The Scenic Rim and its rich fertile soils were created by ancient volcanic activity aeons ago and this is where the Teese family have been dairying for five generations. Two times great grandfather Teese purchased a parcel of light scrub country in 1908. This land was highly sought after because its 32” (800mm) rainfall was perfect for growing kikuyu pastures on which dairy cattle thrive.

Lyndith, as the farm was called, is now under the stewardship of Liam, the latest generation to call the farm home. Farming is in Liam’s genes since his father said that from the age of 16 he was burning the rubber off his boots to get to the dairy every morning to be with the cows and calves. Liam farms today with help from his parents, grandmother and aunty – it’s your classic family farm.

Scenic Rim Dairy Farmer


We live in a time when modern industrial farming is destroying the complex interdependent natural environment on which we ultimately all depend, but it wasn’t always like this: in the days before chemical fertilisers were a thing and regenerative farming didn’t have a name, Liam’s grandfather would break up cow pats for fertiliser to return nutrients to the soil. Today Liam uses composted chicken manure and sawdust sourced from local chicken farms to add nutrients and carbon to the soil to grow lush pastures.

Liam and family have started using sexed semen for breeding to ensure only heifer calves are born into the herd so the problem of unwanted bull calves typical of large industrial dairies is avoided.

Cows feeding


If you ever wondered what happens to the fruit & vegetables with cosmetic defects that are rejected by the markets, along with damaged grains and legumes such as chickpeas, the Teese family dairy cows can tell you: they eat them! Their animal nutritionist formulates their diet based on kikuyu pasture and these products from the foodbowl of SE Qld to ensure they make high quality milk for cheese-making and at the same time turn a waste product into a valuable resource. 

We craft our delicious cheeses from this ethically and sustainably produced milk – we wouldn’t have it any other way.